New Contest Format This Fall

t our 2014 Spring House of Delegates Meeting, a motion was discussed, voted upon and passed to change our Illinois District Contests and Conventions from two per year to a fall-only format.

This means that all of our Illinois District contests, except one, will now be contested during the fall contest sessions. The Illinois District High School Quartet contest will continue to be held in the spring (see below).

Point of information #1 — Our HOD consists of one Representative from each currently chartered Illinois District Chapter, the current Illinois District Governance Board and all Illinois District Past Presidents who are current members of an Illinois District Chapter. No HOD Member gets more than one vote even if he is included in more than one of the above three categories. The Illinois District President only votes to break ties.

Point of information #2 – The vote within each of the three categories of HOD membership (Chapters, Governance Board and Past Presidents) was in favor of passing the motion as presented.

The above means that all contests, with the exception of the High School Quartet Contest, will now be contested at our Fall Conventions starting with our upcoming 2014 Fall Convention to be held in Bloomington/Normal on September 19th and 20th.

Below is a list of those contests and the day they are currently scheduled to be held:

Chorus Contests:
International Chorus Prelim – Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening (determines our July, 2015 International Chorus Representative). All Chapters are currently eligible.
Illinois District Chorus Champion – Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening (past two years Illinois District Chorus Champions are not eligible).
Illinois District Plateau Chorus Champions – Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening. All Chapters are eligible.
Illinois District Small Chorus Award (Gene McNish Small Chorus Award) – Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening (currently open to all Chapters with less than 40 members).

Possible addition (not part of the motion)
Illinois District Most Improved Chorus Award (Society Formula) – Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening (All Chapters who have competed in the past year are eligible).

Prelim Quartet Contests:
International Quartet Prelims (2 rounds) – Friday Evening and Saturday Morning/Afternoon or Evening. The Illinois District 2015 International Quartet Representative will be the highest scoring Illinois District Quartet competing at either our 2014 Illinois District International Quartet Prelim Contest or competing “Out-of-District” at another District’s 2014 Fall or Spring Convention that has at least a double panel of judges. All existing Illinois District Quartets scoring 76 or higher (current level always subject to change) while competing at our 2014 Fall Convention or Out of District at another District’s Fall or Spring Convention will also qualify as a wild card.
International Senior Quartet Prelims (1 round) – Friday Evening (determines our 2015 International Senior Quartet Contest Representative). All Illinois Senior Quartets are eligible. However, per International rules, no one may compete in this contest in more than one Senior Quartet. Other Illinois District Quartets may compete for “Wild Cards” at either our 2014 Fall Convention or by competing “Out-of-District” at another District’s Fall Prelim Contest that has at least a double panel of judges.
International Collegiate Quartet Prelims (1 round) – Held Saturday in conjunction with the 2nd round of the International Quartet Pre-Lims and District Quartet Sessions. Contest determines 2015 International Collegiate Quartet Representative(s). Collegiate Quartets may also petition to sing “Out-of-District” at another District’s Spring Contest that has at least a double panel of judges.

Please note: To be allowed to compete Out-of-District, a quartet must receive the permission of the President and VP of Contests and Judging from both districts and this permission must be granted at least 30 days prior to the earlier of the two contests. For this Fall, that critical approval date is August 20, 2014 or earlier.

Illinois District Quartet Contests:
Illinois District Quartet Champion (2 rounds) – Friday Evening and Saturday morning/afternoon or Saturday Evening. All Illinois quartets are eligible except for past Illinois District Champion Quartets. No restriction on a quartet member singing in more than one quartet.
Illinois District Senior Quartet Champion (1 round) – Friday Evening. All Illinois Senior Quartets are eligible to enter except for past Illinois District Senior Quartet Champion quartets and any senior quartet with more than 2 men from a single past Illinois District Senior Champion quartet. No restriction on a senior quartet member singing in more than one senior quartet.
Illinois District Novice Quartet Champion (1 round) – Friday Evening – Must be the first District Quartet Contest, not counting high school or collegiate contests, for at least two members of the quartet.

All of these contests will be held during one Friday evening quartet session and 2 Saturday sessions. This change will not require any additional contest sessions in the Fall. It only means that we will be conducting more contests at one time than in the past with spring and fall conventions. The complexity of the contests is easily handled by our contest computer program that is set-up and operated by our Contest Administrators. I determine the eligibility of each contestant for the various contests and feed that information to the Contest Administrators. They set-up their program so it knows who is entered in each contest, what songs are registered into the CJ-20 system, how many places are to be announced, and in the 2 round contests, how many quartets qualify to go on to the 2nd round for each contest and the singing order for the combined 2ndround. As indicated above, a session for the District High School Quartet Contest will be held in the spring.

The changes visible to our audience will be:

An increase in the number of quartets qualifying to go on to the Saturday Evening Quartet Finals. These will include the top 10 quartets from round 1 of the International Quartet Pre-Lim combined with the top 10 quartets from round 1 of Illinois District Quartet Contest. Many of the quartets may qualify for both contests.
You can also expect that the length of the announcements will increase.
There will also be at least one or two additional score sheets.
More contestants crossing the stage.
More fun for everyone.

Illinois District High School Quartet Champion (1 round) – This contest doesn’t have to be judged by a double or triple certified panel as do all of the International Pre-Lims. Plus, many of the high school quartets don’t get formed until sometime after the start of the school year in September. Therefore, we will continue to hold future high school contests in the spring either in conjunction with IDAH or another spring event.

If you have any questions about the new contest formats, please contact me and I will be happy work with you. Start planning to enter our many contests now. The entry system will be opened about July 20 for this fall’s contests.

Dave Cowin, ILL District VP Contest & Judging
21054 W Hazelnut Lane
Plainfield, IL 60544
Cell: (630) 308-2120

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