Most Improved Chorus

This award is given to recognize and encourage choruses which have made the greatest improvement since their last appearance on the District contest stage.

It is presented at the end of the Chorus Competition.

It will be presented by the Vice President of Music & Performance.

The winner is that chorus whose score this year is the highest percentage improvement on their most recent score from the past 3 years’ contests.  If a competing chorus hasn’t competed in the past three years, they will be establishing their base score for future year’s most improved chorus contests.

The Contest Administrator (CA) receives the scores for each competitor from the judging panel.  The CA enters the scores into the Society Scoring Program.  When all scores have been entered, the program sorts the scores and determines placement for each eligible competitor.  The OSS (Official Scoring Summary) is then printed.  The Contest Administrator will determine the winner from the scores of the eligible choruses.

Typically, one certificate is given to the chorus.

YearAward Winning Chorus

2023 Fall

Brotherhood of Harmony Chorus

2022 Fall

Land of Lincoln Chorus

2021 Fall

Chorus of DuPage

2019 Fall

Second City Chorus

2018 Fall

New Tradition

2017 Fall

Brotherhood of Harmony Chorus

2016 Fall

West Towns Chorus

2015 Fall

Chorus of DuPage

2014 Fall

Fox Valley Men of Harmony


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